Prestashop 360 Degrees View Modules Comparison

There are a quite a lot of 360 degrees product view modules for PrestaShop on the market. This article shows you the characteristics of some of them.

Before starting the module analysis, we notice 2 large categories of module types with their implications:

  • Modules that keep images on their own server
  • Modules that offer / rely on external hosting – these generally require extra cost for image hosting and are so called vendor lockdown

Also, one question is important: What is the ideal number of images for a 360-degree  representation? Here you have a helpful article.

TM 360 View

You can see it in action here

If you purchased a theme from TemplateMonster, probably you have received this module (besides many others). I have purchased the Everprest theme (which is very much promoted by TM) and this module is also included.

360 view it’s presented on a product tab. Please scroll down to rotating images and wait few seconds for those to load.

His Javascript part it’s based on

Conclusions Pro:

  • For a package price (I mean a low price per component) you have a functional module. (During the promotion you can buy the Everprest theme somewhere at ~ 90 Eur and for this you get a fairly large package of modules.)
    360 degrees view files are stored on the Presta server (no other hosting / additional payment package required)
  • You can choose which number of image files you want to simulate 360 ​​rotation (a larger number of images will make a more smooth / enjoyable rotation simulation, but will require a longer load time)

Not so pleasant parts :

  • Does not have the option to show this 360 degree image as a thumbnail in list of product pictures, nor does the option open in a pop-up window / full screen (above the page layout).
  • It does not have a box control for stopping / pausing, rotating one way or the other.
  • It does not have a  loader indicator to show that the images are downloaded from server. If  visitor has a relatively weak internet connection, he may not even notice that you have loaded a 360-degree product presentation (especially if you put tab on the end of page) .
  • The “frame” / canvas size is fixed at 1000 X 1000 px. This is not the brightest idea (to leave it hardcoded)  and fix it to that size. 600X600 pictures are often used and this module does not allow a configurable dimension. Uploading smaller pictures will fit them / size/pad them in 1000×1000 pixels.


You can see it in action here

A cloud based solution with pretensions where the price can go up high depending on the number of 360 / 3D hosted models. The solution offers a free prestashop module, and a large desktop application that allows you to do image processing / uploading STL or OBJ files.

Note that the PrestaShop module is also present on GitHub.

Conclusions Pro:

  • Quality solution that delivers a high quality view, Presta module is written better than TM.
  • Allows you to view both 3D and 360 degree view models
  • The desktop application allows batch operations for all file series simultaneously.
  • Allows importing 3D view .mp4 .mov .m4v
  • Leaves you the thumbnails of existing product picture

Not so pleasant parts :

  • It requires a monthly payment if you go over a total of 30 sets of 360-degree pictures.
  • If you are importing the 360 ​​display pictures then the minimum set of pictures is 60 (60 to 144 pictures must be imported – I had only a set of 32 pictures and I had to put 2 sets of pictures from 2 products – now I realize that I could import twice same pictures)
  • We tried to install it on a local XAMPP server. There were some strange errors. On the main Linux server it worked flawlessly. Note that the module on GitHub does not seem to be too functional either .
  • The module that was available at the time the article was written was only compatible with Presta 1.6


You can see it in action here

It’s a solution that allows you to store images on your own server. I just tested the trial version of the module. This is limited to 20 images and shows a manufacturer logo over the image of the product.

Good part :

  • Only one time payment is required when purchasing the module.
  • It has an hourglass that shows the progress of loading 360 viewing images
  • Allows full-screen viewing of the 360 ​​image

Not so funny parts :

  • Implicitly on most Prestashop of the themes, under the big picture of the product are presented some thumbnails (smaller pictures) of the product that you can click to see them. Once this module is installed, thumbnails with product images are no longer accessible. On a discussion with their support (that has answered very fast !) they have told me :

“The easiest and the quickest solution for combining spin and still product
images is installing Magic Zoom or Magic Zoom Plus for Prestashop:
Magic Zoom provides one effect: zoom on hover.
Magic Zoom Plus provides two effects: zoom on hover + enlarge on click.”



You can see it in action here

This product has different licensing . IT seems that Free one allows you to use it in commercial sites as well.

This solution offer a desktop application to configure pictures.

Configuration Prestashop module its a bit step and you need to know / understand paths on filesystem.  Not exactly trivial for people not acquainted with informatic systems and different filesystems / FTP etc.

Positive side :

  • allows definition of hotspots  on pictures
  • Control box for rotation pause etc
  • leaves existing thumbnails available
  • Viewer publishing software (SpotEditor)

Not so beautiful  :

  • A bit delicate procedure for publishing photos for uninitiated. however once learned offers advantages like good control / possibility to deploy those pictures over another server.



You can see it in action here

On configuration has the option to choose how animation it’s presented : as 

Technical it’s very much alike WebRotate360. So you can consider all above pro’s and con’s from that module.

However this licence seems to be more restrictive.

Desktop application does nit have so much features as WebRotate360.



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